Our Policy

Journeys are usually charged on a mileage basis.

Unless otherwise agreed, prices quoted are for point to point journeys. Any deviations will be charged at an additional £1.50 per mile or £18.00 per hour waiting time charged at 15 minute intervals after the first half hour.

We aim to have a competitive pricing policy, giving excellent value for money.

We are confident that having used Richard's Taxi once, we will become your first choice in the future.

How should I pay my driver?

If you are not an account customer, you can pay your driver by any of the following methods:

We accept Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, and American Express

For payments by Credit or Debit card a processing charge of 10% is applied to fares. Payment processing provided by CabCard Services (UK) Ltd.

Should I tip my driver?

We hope you will be entirely satisfied with the service you get from your driver. If you feel it appropriate, and at your discretion, any gratuity you wish to make will be gratefully received.

Whatever the journey, whether it's local or long distance, book the name your can trust to get you there on time - Richard's Taxi.